how to watch free movies on iPhone

how to watch free movies on iPhone

How to watch free movies on iPhone [2020]

How to Watch Free Movies on iPhone Although we have access to streaming devices and smart TVs, smartphones hold a special place in our hearts. The main reason is that you can take the device wherever you go and not only go to live TV shows but also to free movie apps. You can easily watch TV shows, including free movies, even when you get on the fast train. In this article, we list the 6 best free movie apps for the iPhone and iPad. You can install it for free. Movie apps for iOS platforms.

Show box

Showbox for movie fans who want to see the latest movies for free. Showbox is an excellent movie streaming service that allows users to watch the latest movies on their computer, tablet or smartphone. The Showbox can be accessed on iOS, Kodi or PS4, not only on Android devices.

how to watch free movies on iPhone

Suppose there are all functions in one app that won’t download it? Let the app enjoy free movie buffets as you like. Don’t worry, there is a Showbox for the PC version that can’t watch movies on a 5-inch screen. You can create a watch list with different styles like thriller, drama or horror. With a host of amazing features, the Showbox app is a movie fan’s paradise who can watch HD movies and watch the latest movies for free.

1. Showbox for iOS

The Showbox app is a combination of the most popular free movie apps for the iPhone, Android and iOS platforms. You should be aware that Apple removed the app from the store for unknown reasons. The app includes a wide range of free TV shows, soap operas, and movies.

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