Xender Apk Download

Xender Apk Download
Xender Apk Download

Xender: For Sharing Files Between Phone and PC

Xender Apk Download Mac, Android and Windows users now connect to the point where they can seamlessly share files with each other! Formerly known as Quick Transfer, the Xender ANDROID APP is still the hottest application to use when it comes to filing sharing and transfer between mobile and desktop devices. Xender launches everything from applications, videos, pictures, music, and documents seamlessly. In addition to connecting Android tabs and smartphones, Xender also works on transferring files between Android and iOS. With its advanced Connect PC mode, you can finally share files between your Chromebook, Mac, or Windows computer. Showbox Not Working

Application NameXender
Size Apk17.8 MB
Android VersionAndroid 4.0+
Total Downloading App100,000+

Why we use Xender Apk Download

In this world where we rely primarily on the Internet, we often connect via 4G, 3G or WI-FI to watch videos and download large amounts of files. Using Xender APK is a wired and network-free alternative if you want to run with separate software and Bluetooth connectivity just to perform the simple task of transferring data. In other words, Xender works by providing in-app delivery.

Here’s the power-packed advantage

If we could only describe Xender in one word, we could say that it was AMAZING. But that doesn’t reflect all the details we find in its application, so let’s calculate one by one.

Xender Apk Download 1
  • No Internet or USB required
  • Provides speeds 50x faster than Bluetooth
  • No data connection required
  • Smooth performance
  • Move your apps, videos, music, pictures, and files
  • Fast and reliable
  • Up to 4 devices are shared in groups
  • Support platform support
  • Multiple connections and sharing options everywhere
  • OFFLINE Mode Support
  • Available in several supported languages (Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Hindi, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, and ENGLISH).
Xender Apk Download 2
Xender Apk Download

What’s the latest with the app?

Xender Apk Download and get the latest version 3.0.0728. SD card storage for Android 4.4 units tweaks to links between PCs without interruption. Hidden file settings have now been fixed including some connection issues before the update.

How to start using Xender

Xender APK is very easy to use. After downloading and installing it on your device, you just need to follow a few simple steps. When you open the app, you’ll see a welcome screen where you need to set up a personal profile. This can be used with your own photos or any avatars available. Your name can be anything your friends can easily identify file sharing easier and more secure. Once everything is done, you can start transferring files to your friends who are installing the same application.

  • Open the Xender application on any device and make sure the other device you share the file with is also turned on
  • Click CONNECT FRIENDS and CREATE GROUP and start sharing
  • Browse your device for which media files, eBooks, or documents you want to transfer
  • Data transfer is done in XENDER ANDROID APP
Xender Apk Download 3

Using Xender for smartphone – smartphone advantage

Xender comes with a cross-platform feature for Android and iOS sharing. It can hold up to 4 devices when sharing as a group. Using this is faster and more reliable than any application or Bluetooth used for the connection. Lately, it comes with a shake to share features so it’s very hip and fun to use at the same time. Xender Apk Download

  • Scroll down and find MORE
  • Select SETTINGS
  • Select the file to move and shake your device
  • The SLIDE feature also works on your mobile phone for real-time sharing

Using Xender for Smartphone – PC

Xender APK works on connecting your PC to a smartphone device. Connections made with the same contact are listed there and added to your Xender profile. File-sharing can be all kinds of music, videos, photos, and documents.

  • Download Wireless to your PC-Phones and Phones-PC
  • Upload wirelessly between these devices

Setting the new standards in the file transfer application

That decision? Other applications have unproven statements. With the wide range of software environments that come with every type of device, Xender APK proves to serve the needs of a broad range of smartphone users. In terms of performance, Xender actually delivers more times faster than any other utility software that promises the same. Try it today!

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